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HAMSAVIDYA is a traditional spiritual practice that existed in the ancient India, preached and practiced by "Munikulaparampara", the lineage of RISHIS. Man has to attain "moksha"or liberation of soul from the ties of Karma, which is the ultimate goal of human life. This system existed much before the Four Vedas took its birth. The strong powerful and spontaneous lineage of Rishis has preserved this technique for the welfare of the human race with contemporary amendments and changes to cope up with the new and needy circumstances without loosing its essence and importance.

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  • HAMSASANDESAMMASIKA    Posted on 2013-03-16 07:51 AM
    To know more abot hamsayoga and practice the yoga read this publication. mail: hamsasandesammasika@gmail.com or ph:9388512175.


  • Hamsayoga praveshika
  • Uthara Geetha
  • Hamsayogachandrika
  • Hindumathathawachandrika
  • Nithyabodha chandrika
  • Gopikavidya
  • Shivayogapradeepika
  • Shivajnanadeepika
  • Yogashikhopanishad
  • Yogachoodamani
  • Brahmavidyopanisahd
  • Dhyanabindoopanishad
  • Yogasoothra
  • Prashnopanishad
  • Mundakopanisahad